4 Misconceptions about hiring a web designer

Are you confused about hiring a web designer?

As an organization or small business, you know an online presence is important. However, you may not have considered hiring a professional to design and build your website. You’ve bought into the misconceptions and are confused. I understand! In this world of DIY and access to so many tools, we all have the urge to save a few bucks and just do it ourselves. After all, you’re probably very capable of setting up a pretty nice looking website.

But there may be something missing in that course of action. In my experience, I’ve come across a few misconceptions about hiring a professional to do your website. I’ve listed them below to help you understand how you would benefit from hiring a professional web designer.

Common misconceptions that contribute to the confusion

1. It’s too expensive

I get it! Hiring someone to handle your website can be expensive. Although you’ll find a huge range of prices, a reputable web designer will charge $3,000 to $10,000 for a basic website. And well upwards from that for an ecommerce website. Plus, you will have ongoing costs for maintenance and optimization if you want to continue to have a secure and professional website. But your situation may not have to start there.

Most designers will work with your budget. They will help you plan what you need and add what you want as your budget allows. And when looking at prices, you need to know what that plan includes. Some designers include branding (or at least some level of branding) which would make their price points a bit higher. Others only handle the development, keeping branding and website separate (which I recommend, but that’s for an entirely different article).

For example, my Landing Page option is a great way to get an online presence without committing to a full website. You can get a landing page that introduces your organization, provides contact information, and has a call to action for $1,200. This is a good way to get started, and also helps you understand what will be needed when you commit to a full site build.

2. It won’t really help my business

This is a viable concern. It is possible to have a website that doesn’t do anything for your business. A lot of websites just sit there and never get visited. It won’t help your business if it isn’t done right.

This is where you have to consider your return on investment and make sound decisions about whether to plan and build the website yourself, or whether to hire a professional to do it for you. Many people spend a lot of time learning how to assemble a pretty website but don’t necessarily know what it takes to make a website that enhances or even improves business. Or they pay a friend or cousin a few bucks to put it together even though they may not know how to make a website that will bring in business.

3. Hiring a web designer is overwhelming

Yes. It can be. Believe it or not, you can’t just ask someone to build your site and then think they’ll take it from there. It requires some preparation on your part to give the designer the information they need to properly plan and design your website.

However, a good designer will have solid processes in place that will guide you through the steps to get everything ready and done. This is why it is important for you to do your research when looking for someone. Ask questions. Find out how they do things and what they need from you. Check testimonials for words that describe their work ethic and not just how the site looks.

I’m a huge fan of great processes. An organized plan will ensure everyone understands what’s next and what needs to be done. One of my clients said, “Jessie was incredibly helpful and kind in the entire process of making over our website and was extremely clear and concise…”

Yes, look at price and style, but more importantly–look at work ethic. This will ensure a thorough job is done and you will get the website you need.

4. I can do just as well by building my website myself.

Maybe so. There are lot’s of DIYers who can build some really pretty websites. And if you are a lifelong learner, it can be a fun project to tackle. But if this is for your business and you want it to be a website that helps bring in new clients or donations, then you need to find someone with experience. Someone who knows how to set your site up correctly and keep it secure and optimized so it becomes a powerful tool.

You also want to weigh the amount of time you will put into learning and building it yourself. Then, you still won’t know for sure if it is doing you any good. Your most efficient solution is to hand it over to someone who understands what they are doing and you use that extra time to focus on your business.

Make a confident decision

You don’t have to be confused. Taking a few steps to understand what you want for your business and talking it through with an expert can go a long way toward clarifying what you need. You don’t have to jump in right away. You can learn more, understand the pros and cons, and make an informed decision when you are more confident. When you are ready, click the button to schedule a call with me!

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