Define Your Style

Make your message clear.

Winging it won't establish your voice and command attention.

Stand out and bee seen!

Your visual message frames your story

You want to convey your company's value to the world. You establish your brand identity to take control of your message and make sure your audience knows who you are.

I will help you find your way through a process of thought and discovery. By answering some questions and weeding out the excess, together we’ll form a voice and a look for your brand.

Your message can and should reveal who you are and attract the right clients at the same time. I’ll help you get there!

I offer several levels of branding. You may already have some work done in this area… therefore, I can either begin from scratch, or jump in where your project has “stalled” out. The process is very customized, so I can’t really give an estimated cost without speaking with you. So send an email to schedule a discovery call by clicking the button.

How it Works

Discovery is the process of digging in and finding out what makes your business "yours". You will answer some key questions and together we will discover "who" you are and what you offer to your followers. Once we know these things, we can develop a look that conveys that message and pulls your desired client into your sphere of influence.

As the branding project progresses, you will be asked to give input and make decisions that will form the basis of your brand and help to define the elements that represent it.

Once you have approved all levels of the branding project, I will go to work to finalize and package all of the included artwork files, color palettes, and a style guide. These will be tools in your marketing kit that will insure your brand stays consistent.

When all files are finished and gathered, you will be given a download link to the files. Each file/folder will be identified in a way that makes sense to the average user so you can know you are using the correct artwork for each project and/or vendor. You will have everything you need to produce any of your marketing materials and promotions!

Branding Package

Start: $875 | Timeline: 5-10 Weeks​

Prices begin at $875; this level normally involves the logo and color pallet. More extensive branding will be quoted after your details are reviewed.

Your brand package will include your logo, logo variations, all artwork developed for your brand, all files needed for web use and commercial print, and a style guide to inform all vendors of proper use and handling of your brand.

Find out what you need to look professional and get results

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