Cleaning Husky Loved Floors

Particles of Love (aka Husky Fur)

We love our husky. But there is no end to the husky fur floating around our home. This is one reason I avoid having carpet, because when it’s on carpet you never really know if you got it all … it’s so hard to see. And with my allergies, I really need to get as much as possible. Also, vacuuming is hard on my back. But with the husky fur, I find myself vacuuming everything! Even the hardwood floors.

Messy room with a hardwood floor and a husky sleeping next to her dog bed.
Furniture and boxes everywhere and Sasha decides to sleep next to her bed.

Since we moved into our “new to us” old house built somewhere between 1900 and 1910, it still seems like we’re camping. We’ve gotten a lot done these past eight months, but it’s never ending. And much of the work hasn’t been the stuff you can see (think electrical, plumbing, etc.). Plus, in the middle of it all, my daddy became ill and passed away. So it’s been difficult to want to finish unpacking and get the decor like I want it. You can read about that journey here and read about the recap here.

So it feels like all I can do at this point to maintain my sanity is to try to keep the house (twice as big as our previous house) tidy and clean. And vacuuming the entire house was getting to be a bit much. Plus, husky fur is really hard on the machine even though it’s made for pet fur. So I sweep. A lot! And the grossest thing I have to do is pull all of the fur out of the bristles of the broom.

This is when I began the search for something better. Or at least different! Did I mention I really despise pet fur … what my husband calls “particles of love”? Yes, it’s proof we enjoy the love of an awesome husky, but it’s also really annoying! Anyway, I came across this broom that doesn’t have bristles. It’s more like a squeegee. And it can act as one too. But it is meant to sweep up the dust and particles off the hard surfaces as well as carpet! I bought the Broombi on Amazon here (affiliate link) and received it the next day! I love it! It sweeps up the dirt so much better than a traditional broom, and it’s like a fur magnet. Instead of fur flying around “running from” the broom, it’s like it attracts it an keeps it all together until I’m ready to scoop it into the dustpan. I use it on my area rugs as I’m sweeping the hardwood, so I don’t even have to pull the vacuum out until I’m ready to deep clean. It’s really hard to explain how cool it is. All I know is that ridding the floors of husky fur is much easier now.

Black and white husky with a white face laying regally among some flowers.
Sasha loves spending time in her new backyard. Lot’s of shade and room to run when she so pleases.
When it rains and when the neighboring school gets out in the afternoons are like prime time TV to this husky.



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