JBC Designer's Hub

Who needs the JBC Designer's Hub?

Designers and Artists who...

  • Are spread too thin
  • Don't like tackling the "techy" stuff
  • Want to offer more to your clients but don't want to handle the details
  • Are tired of doing everything by yourself
  • Want to become strategic in you business

What is the JBC Designer's Hub?

It is a partnership with Jessie Bee Creative that allows you to be creative...be the artist...be creative. Break-away from the weight of having to handle the development of your websites and all of the tech related issues that arise in taking care of your clients after the site launch.

Choose a hub level and get the help and guidance you need to leave the headaches behind and open your schedule up to do the creating you desire!

And as an added bonus, all Designer's Hub clients will be eligible to join the Designer's Hub Facebook group to exchange design ideas and resources and learn more about how to support your WordPress clients.

Start here...

Thirty minute no-obligation consultation video call. Just answer a few questions and I'll contact you to schedule a time.

Types of JBC Hub Partners

Development Partner

Hand off your design for WordPress development

Your design and instruction will be handled with care and transformed into a beautiful and responsive website with your name on it. Back-end admin area will reflect your brand and contact information for design reference and JBC will be the contact for technical help. You will have the assurance of knowing your client will be in good hands and will feel like they are still working with your company, even with technical assistance.

WordPress Care Handler

White label web care for your website clients

This level is for the designer who wants to design their own WordPress site, but doesn't have the time to commit to ongoing maintenance and tech support. JBC will pick up WordPress maintenance one month after your official site launch. This will give you and your client time to work out the "kinks" of the new launch and settle into the idea of ongoing maintenance.

On-call Retainer Coding Assistance

Custom Coding and Woo Commerce snippets

Retainer services for "on-call" help with all of your websites. Keep JBC at your fingertips for parts of your projects and consulting as you begin or quote your websites. This is handy for your e-commerce Woo Commerce websites. No need to hire out the entire project, keep JBC on call for help when you need it.

Single Project Consult or Assistance

One project at a time...

If your business isn't quite busy enough to need the On-Call services, but you still want to have the option for help with coding or consultation before or during your website projects, this level is for you!