Define Your Voice

be unique

Are you struggling with your brand?

Don’t know how to convey your company’s value to the world? Need to establish your brand?

Let me help you find your way. I’ll walk you through a process of thought and discovery. By answering some questions and weeding out the excess, together we’ll form a voice and a look for your brand.

Your message can and should reveal who you are and attract the right clients at the same time. I’ll help you get there!

I offer several levels of branding. You may already have some work done in this area… therefore, I can either begin from scratch, or jump in where your project has “stalled” out. The process is very customized, so I can’t really give an estimated cost without speaking with you. So send an email to schedule a discovery call by clicking the button.

Prices begin at $875; this level normally involves the logo and color pallet. More extensive branding will be quoted after your details are reviewed.

Your brand package will include your logo, logo variations, all artwork developed for your brand, all files needed for web use and commercial print, and a style guide to inform all vendors of proper use and handling of your brand.

Define your voice and be unique.

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